Ed Butowsky

Ed Butowsky
Private Wealth Management Expert


Ed Butowsky stands out as a globally recognized expert in investment wealth management with over 35 years of experience in the financial services industry.

Ed began his career at Morgan Stanley, where he achieved the remarkable feat of becoming the firm’s top producer nationwide. As a Senior Vice President in private wealth management, he surpassed the milestone of managing over one billion dollars in assets, a distinction earned by his unique ability to integrate the current political landscape with its impact on investment portfolios.

Ed Butowksy

Ed Butowsky Authored Books

Get ready to up your financial game with Ed Butowsky – not just a financial whiz but also an awesome author. Check out his must-read books below for some seriously savvy insights into investment wealth management.

Ed Butowsky Awards & Achievements

Ed Butowsky's exceptional performance also earned him membership in both the Chairman’s Club and the Equity Club, exclusive honors reserved for the elite advisors at Morgan Stanley.

At his private wealth management firm, Chapwood Investments, Ed introduced the CHIP score, a groundbreaking metric that comprehensively evaluates a portfolio's strength, considering factors like rate of return, risk, inflation, taxes, management fees, and investment fees. 

Additionally, he created the Chapwood Index, a quarterly measure providing a more accurate depiction of cost of living increases in the nation’s top 50 major metropolitan areas. Explore the CHIP score and the Chapwood Index.