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Making Sense with Ed Butowsky

A Wealth Management Podcast

Welcome to "Making Sense," the insightful wealth management podcast hosted by Ed Butowsky, a seasoned 35-year investment manager. In each episode, Ed demystifies the complexities of investing and personal finance decisions, all in a digestible 30-minute format.

Recorded in the vibrant city of Dallas, TX, "Making Sense" is your go-to resource for interactive discussions tailored for business owners, professional athletes, and soon-to-be retirees managing substantial nest eggs.

Ed's expertise shines as he addresses crucial financial topics, providing valuable insights that empower you to make informed decisions about your wealth.

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Wealth Management Videos

Welcome to a world of financial insights and strategies with our wealth management video series. Hosted by Ed Butowsky, these videos provide a dynamic platform to explore key concepts, address common challenges, and stay ahead in the ever-evolving landscape of wealth management. 


Join us as we bring clarity to complex financial topics, empowering you to make informed decisions on your path to financial success.

Wealth Preservation Books

Wealth Mismanagement Book

Wealth Mismanagement

by Ed Butowsky with Dennis Kneale

A Wall Street Insider on the dirty secrets of financial advisers and how to protect your portfolio.

Also available at

About Wealth Mismanagement

Are your life’s savings safe? A Wall Street insider reveals fatal flaws and hidden risks of wealth management and unveils a new system for protecting your portfolio—and firing your financial adviser.

Millions of us are committing a slow, imperceptible form of financial suicide.

Chances are your IRA or 401(k) carries far more risk than you realize, lacks real diversification that could reduce downside risk, and is falling behind the underreported rate of inflation that eats away at your retirement fund every year.

In the next market crash, you could be left vulnerable and unprotected

Wall Street financial advisers are supposed to build and preserve your wealth, yet they are untrained in portfolio construction and how to contain risk and bulletproof your investments. They charge high fees and sometimes put their own interests ahead of yours.,,,

Now Ed Butowsky, a Wall Street insider who spent two decades as one of the top producers at the fabled firm of Morgan Stanley & Co., breaks from the pack to reveal the flaws, fibs and failings of financial advisers. To fix this mess, he has created the new CHIP Score to empower you to evaluate the potential for Risk & Reward in your portfolio and grade your adviser—before the next meltdown.

Nobody else on Wall Street ever dared to create anything like it. Wealth Mismanagement will empower investors to protect themselves. Read it & reap.

never go broke book

Never Go Broke

by Ed Butowsky

Investment Guide for Professional Athletes

Also available at

About Never Go Broke

If you are reading this investment guide, it means you are within reach of ample wealth, which you will earn in a surprisingly short period of time. Some of you may already have achieved this.

The word “earn” is important, for you have put in years of hard work and fierce devotion to build yourself into a proud member of one of the most admired professions in America.

You are a professional athlete. One of the few people lucky enough to get paid fat sums for doing something you love to do.

Great riches can reward your achievement—and, with that, great opportunities will arise.

Earning it is only the start. Now you must preserve and protect it. You also must learn how to invest it and make it grow.

Do it right, and you can build a fortune that will last you and your family for a lifetime and beyond. Do it in the wrong way and you could end up in financial trouble.

Roughly 80% of the players in the National Football League end up in financial stress only five years after they retire. For players in other sports, often over half of people come under financial stress.

You can do far better than that, and this guide will help you. It will show you how to reduce risks, take money off the table and lock it away, and invest it safely to get the highest payback without having to make wild bets.

That is our No. 1 priority at Chapwood Investments. I founded the firm in 2005 in Plano, Texas, near the home of the Dallas Cowboys, after almost 20 years of serving clients at Morgan Stanley & Co.

I have spent the past ten years highlighting the problem of athletes going broke. Sports Illustrated featured me in a cover story on the issue in 2009, as did ESPN in 2012 for a “30 for 30” documentary called “Broke.”

At Chapwood, we focus on the fixes. We have helped more than seventy-five professional athletes secure and grow their fortunes. I have trained a hundred more in financial boot camps.

We can help you, too, in keeping your money safe and growing it to last for the next generation. The lessons you learn here can help you live a better life.